Greg Salsbury - President of Western Colorado University in Gunnison

Western Colorado University President Greg Salsbury

An experienced administrator and educator, Greg Salsbury has served as president of Western Colorado University (WCU) in Gunnison since early 2014. Since assuming this position, he has increased enrollment at the second fastest rate of any four-year school in Colorado – 16.2% – surpassed only by the University of Colorado Boulder. He has improved retention and graduation rates, and also nearly doubled the diversity within the student body, increasing it from 10 percent to over 19 percent. Greg Salsbury also developed a partnership with University of Colorado Boulder to create a new school of engineering and computer science, and helped to fund this school by acquiring an unprecedented $80-million donation – the second largest donation in the history of Colorado higher education. Before joining WCU, Mr. Salsbury served 15 years as a senior administrator with the Prudential subsidiary Jackson National Life Insurance Company, where he was one of the top 75 executives in the organization of more than 26,000 worldwide. He is also an experienced postsecondary educator who has taught communications and business courses at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of California, Los Angeles, California State University, Fullerton, the University of Southern California, Golden Gate University in San Francisco, St. Mary’s College in Moraga, and the University of LaVerne in both Burbank and Oxnard.